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When you venture into remote areas having top quality equipment is vital. Fortunately most of the gear we need for non-motorized river travel is pretty straight forward. Still Frontier River Guides purchases and employs only the finest goods available. Over the years we have field tested nearly every major brand of rafts, tents, water filters, etc. on the market and have settled on Aire rafts and Moss tents to transport and shelter our guests under Alaskan conditions. We provide all camp gear for our float trips. What follows is a list of clothing and equipment we suggests our guests bring on a week long float trip.



• Sleeping Bag (rated 20 to 30 degrees)Alaska fly fishing trips
• Thermarest sleeping pad (or other)
• Camping pillow
• Chest waders (suggest gortex or similar)
• Wading boots (felt soles)
• Wading belt
• Rain Coat (ventilated, hooded)
• Rain pants
• Baseball cap
• Wool hat (early and late summer)
• Light gloves (water resistant)
• Pile jacket &/or heavy wool sweater
• Camp shoes (water resistant/proof)
• (2) Camp pants (one medium, one heavy)
• (2) Long sleeve shirts (one medium, one heavy)
• (5) Heavy wool (or other) socks
• (2) Cotton camp socks
• (2-3) Long johns (medium), or wading pants, for
   under waders
• (2) Long sleeve undershirts (duofold or polypro)
• (6-7) Underwear
• (2-3) T-shirts
• (1) Shorts
• stuff sack for clothes
• Sunglasses (polarized)
• Toiletry Kit-sunscreen, ibuprophin etc.
• Flashlight or Headlamp (late summer)
• Spare batteries
• Reading Materials
• Pocket knife
• Camera and film
• Other Handy Items



• 5-6 weight trout, char and grayling rodAlaska wilderness fly fishing trips
• 7-9 weight red, silver and chum salmon rod
• 9-12 weight king salmon rod (early summer)
• spare rods (if possible)
• sturdy rod cases
• disc drag reels
• floating and sink tip lines on spools
• ample leader and tippet material
• sturdy needle nose pliers (salmon)
• hemostats (trout, etc.)
• vest or chest pack
• split shot, various weights
• strike indicators
• hook hone
• various wet and dry patterns as per our recommendations misc.
   stuff you like to use

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